ISMIR 2019 will feature 6 tutorials on November 4, 2019:

Morning tutorials

[T1] Fundamentals of Music Processing: An Introduction using Python and Jupyter Notebooks by Meinard Müller and Frank Zalkow
[T2] Generating Music with GANs: An Overview and Case Studies by Hao-Wen Dong and Yi-Hsuan Yang
[T3] Audiovisual Music Processing by Zhiyao Duan, Slim Essid, Bochen Li and Sanjeel Parekh

Afternoon tutorials

[T4] Computational Modeling of Musical Expression: Perspectives, Datasets, Analysis and Generation by Carlos Cancino-Chaćon, Katerina Kosta and Maarten Grachten
[T5] Waveform-based music processing with deep learning by Sander Dieleman, Jordi Pons and Jongpil Lee
[T6] Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in Music Information Research (FAT-MIR) by Emilia Gómez, Andre Holzapfel, Marius Miron and Bob L. Sturm