Setup and testing schedule

Paper presentations

  • Submission of your slides: two days before your scheduled presentation day.
  • The TUD team will then check and prepare your slides for the presentation machines one day before your scheduled presentation day.

Please test your slides at our Auditorium before the session in which you are scheduled.

Daily slide testing moments for presenters at the Auditorium:

Monday, November 4 (priority will be given for presenters on Tuesday, but anyone else is welcome to pass by):

  • 10:00-11:00 h;
  • 12:30-14:00 h;
  • 15:00-16:30 h.

Tuesday-Thursday, November 5-7:

  • From 8 h until the start of the morning plenary sessions (for presenters of the morning session);
  • During morning poster sessions and the lunch break (for presenters of the afternoon session);
  • During afternoon poster session (for presenters of the next morning session).


Poster presentations

Poster presentations will take place on the floors leading up to the Auditorium entrance.

Setup time for all posters: Monday, November 4 during tutorial hours and lunch break, Tuesday, November 5, from 8 h in the morning.

Take-down time for all posters: Friday, November 8, lunch break.

Please have your posters on display no later than Tuesday morning, November 5, 8.30 h. Please have the posters taken down by the end of the Friday lunch break (to make room for the LBD presenters).


LBD presentations

Setup will take place during the lunch break of Friday, November 8. More details will follow soon.