The ISMIR Society is happy to have an active Women in MIR (WiMIR) movement, which is dedicated to promoting the role of, and increasing opportunities for, women in the MIR field.

Supported by women and allies within the community, WiMIR activities include yearly mentoring and a dedicated session at the ISMIR conference. Besides, WiMIR actively seeks to promote the research work of women and allies within the community, while also engaging newcomers to the community, through a yearly WiMIR workshop. Finally, each year, several dedicated WiMIR grants are given out to women, trans, and non-binary contributing community members, who need the financial support in order to attend our yearly ISMIR conference.

For more information about WiMIR, please see the dedicated WiMIR website.

WiMIR's activities and grants have been made possible through the generous support of our industry partners. For 2019, we would like to acknowledge the following sponsors:


WiMIR Benefactor



WiMIR Contributor



WiMIR Supporter