Meetup with industry

If you want to visit our Meetup with Industry, please go here for more information.

We have closed industry participation subscription to our Meetup, but are leaving our original call text below for archiving purposes.


At the very end of the conference, we are happy to host a Meetup with Industry at Delft University of Technology.

Exhibitors include Spotify, Tencent Music Entertainment, Chordify, Pandora, Peachnote, AI Music, Universal Music Group, Dolby, Google and Gracenote.


When and where will the Meetup take place?​

The Meetup with Industry will take place on November 8 in the late afternoon and early evening, from 17-20 h. Drinks and light bites will be served.

The Meetup will take place at Lijm & Cultuur, a former factory next to the TU Delft campus, that currently saves as a creative and festival space, and also will be the location of the ISMIR banquet.


What will the Meetup be about?​

The Meetup will be a networking event, in which representatives from industry have the chance to present their companies at a dedicated exhibition stand to the ISMIR community, as well as local and national BSc and MSc students and young professionals, who are interested in computer and data science topics at large.


What kind of industry are you targeting?

ISMIR is a Music Information Retrieval community, meaning that our community is primarily skilled in the analysis of digital music data. However, many of the research questions faced by our community touch upon questions in the broader creative industries. Even more broadly, they also relate to challenges that are faced when handling human-interpreted judgments and human multimodal data as part of data science and machine learning pipelines.

As a consequence, beyond our regular ISMIR sponsors and industry colleagues, we would like to warmly extend our invitation to participate to both the creative industry SME scene, as well as other companies that work on applied machine learning with human-interpreted and multimodal data.

Generally, expect the following benefits out of joining the Meetup with industry:

  • Discover and shape the future of music technology;
  • Connect with and recruit top talent from the MIR community and the Dutch universities (with prime focus on TU Delft);
  • Meet world-class experts and explore the current state-of-the-art in music, creative and data science tech applications;
  • Connect with and learn from leading music, creative and data science tech companies;
  • Discover startups leveraging latest technologies in a variety of music, creative and data science applications;
  • Exchange with other players and startups in the music, creative and data science industry;
  • Showcase and market latest products and services.


Who can visit this meetup?

We would like to invite ISMIR conference participants, students and young professionals to our meetup. We particularly encourage those looking for internships, projects and jobs to join and engage with the exhibitors, and learn about what is currently going on.


Great, I'd like to participate! What does this cost and how do I register?

If you would like to be an exhibitor, please reach out to to express your interest. The participation fee for having an exhibition stand will be 300 EUR (free of charge for Platinum- and Gold-level ISMIR sponsors). Beyond the exhibition stand, we are willing to negotiate opportunities for your company to also give a short presentation at the Meetup; please indicate it to us if you are also interested in this. In both cases, slots will be limited though, and we will process requests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you would like to attend as a participant, please register through the conference registration system: Participation to the Meetup is free of charge, but spots will be limited.