How to get around in The Netherlands
In the Netherlands there are many ways to get around. Mentioned here are the four most used means of transportation. To plan your trip use this website or download the app "9292". This will give you the optimal journey combining trains, busses, metros and trams. 

OV chip card
To travel with the public transport you can choose to buy a single ticket or buy are so called OV chip card. You can buy them at NS ticketing machines or the service desk at train stations. There is a one-time fee of EUR 7.50 for an anonymous OV-chipkaart (which can be used on buses, trams, metros and ferries). Prior to travelling, you must charge credit to your anonymous OV-chipkaart, which can be done at an NS ticking machine. More information about the OV chip card can be found here.

The Netherlands has a great public transport system, although it is also very much recommended to take the bike. The Netherlands is listed as the most bike-friendly country of Europe and for many Dutch it is their most frequent mode of transportation. There are seperated cycle tracks, bicycle-specific traffic lights and bicycle parking facilities.

The company called Mobike makes it possible to rent a bike for short trips using the concept of bike sharing. Simply login on the Mobike app, select a bike and cycle to your destination. Here you simply check out and leave it for the next person to rent. More information and the app can be found here.

The train is a great way to get around in the Netherlands as it can be busy on the road. Its extensive network covers a large area and is the fastest way to travel between the cities and larger towns. Trains are frequent, with one or two trains per hour on lesser lines, two to four trains per hour on average, and up to eight trains an hour on the busiest lines. The train network is also linked to trains traveling to for example Paris, London or Berlin.

You can use a single-use chipcard or an OV chip card to travel by train in The Netherlands. The single-use chipcard is perfect for incidental travellers. You can buy it at an NS ticketing machine or service desk. Single-use chipcards always cost 1 euro more per trip. You don’t have to charge credit to the card but you do have to check in and out. If you plan to use the train more often while staying in The Netherlands, we recommend buying an ‘anonymous OV-chipkaart’. If you want to travel by train, you need at least 20 euros worth of credit on your OV-chipkaart. You must check in prior to every trip and check out at the end. Look for the OV-chipkaart pillars on the station.

More information on trains, chip cards and time schedules can be found here