Unconference ISMIR 2019

As in previous years, there will be an Unconference session during ISMIR 2019. This session will offer a platform to discuss MIR-related topics as proposed by the participants (you) in a bottom-up fashion. With plenty of meeting rooms and a central hall, the conference venue provides an excellent infrastructure for the Unconference. We will start Friday 8th of November, 15:30 with a short plenary meeting in the Frans van Hasseltzaal, in which we will establish the topics. In principle, any topic that generates sufficient interest among the participants will be facilitated, limited by the amount of groups and time-slots available.

To speed-up the topic selection process, we will use the conference networking tool Introwise to prepare topics and do the voting.

Please, visit the introwise.com website through the following link: https://introwise.com/events/ismir-2019-g8pdhSE6ifbvojWfW ; add your proposal and a possibly a short description to the Unconference category of circles.